Our Mission


Rapha's intent is to open a venue which has its total foundation based on biblical solutions to individuals and world conditions. We grasp the diversity of approaches in addressing the situations facing generational differences, ethnics, religious variables, and political infringements on the freedom to choose dispositions on life's choices.

All of these facets must be considered in seeking to furnish information from Rapha, based upon individual countries philosophical and political boundaries.  Rapha is firm in respecting each country's dogmas and edicts. However, Rapha marches to the divine commission to: "Go ye therefore, and teach (make disciples) all nations/in the name (authority) of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost." "Teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you."

To achieve these truths, Rapha shall present, and represent, the Christ of God through every "open door" presented. We will totally depend upon God's power to protect, sustain, and thoroughly furnish our message, representatives, and authority.