I was reared in Jacksonville Florida. My brother and I were blessed with wonderful, loving Christian parents. I attended Christian schools through high school. I recognized at a young age that my desire was to work in the medical field aiding people that were infirmed.  I attended a healthcare college and graduated in 1988. Throughout my career I worked in varied specialties. 

I accepted the Lord as my savior at a young age and that began my road of discipleship.  This taught me many lessons.  The main lesson was that to be successful, I requried the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I began to realize that God had a wonderful plan for my life, and I grew as I yielded to His guidance.  Having left the healthcare profession, God is now utilizing me in discipleship ministry. Presently, I am the "Liaison Coordinator and Discipleship Coordinator" for Rapha. I am blessed and encouraged as I witness God's people healed in body, soul, and spirit. Soli Deo Gloria (soley to the glory of God).