Any donation is gratefully accepted!


Please assist Rapha attain these for the glory of God!

  • Health Outreach 
  • Scholarship Program for the indigent 
  • Discipleship Program
  • Diabetes Prevention Program  
  • Body, Soul and Spirit Maintenance Program 
  • Health Improvement Program
  • Counseling Program 
  • Television outreach
  • Advertising
  • Office equipment/materials


Donation Package 1:

$13.00 Per-month for scholarships to needy students domestic and foreign. Aid to needy elderly


Donation Package 2:                  

$50/month toward: Health Outreach instructions, healih Scholarship Programs for the indigent, and a specialized in-church/community Diabetes Prevention Programs


Donation Package 3:

$100/month toward disease Improvement Programs, Counseling Programs, Conference Programs, and Body, Soul and Spirit Maintenance Program to individuals economically and socially depressed