Our TV Program-Schedule

Rapha Ministries World is currently airing in Jacksonville, Florida. It is on Cable #29, Saturday nights from 7:30 P.M. until 8 P.M.

The format of this portion of Rapha's Ministry is to answer questions which have to do with every aspect of society:

  • Functions of Government
  • Social Programs
  • Family Responsibility
  • Individual Perspective


Pastor West addresses these issues by giving scriptural truths. This is to answer the question and make known the responsibility associated with the answer.

Our audience is varied. Pastor West seeks to give an answer which will instruct, enlighten and strengthen the viewers. Many who do not share our doctrinal stand view to gain insight.

Rapha Ministries World presents our scriptural evidence from an independent, full-gospel and Pentecostal distinctive. Our base of formulation is the Bible (KJV), reformation theology, doctrine and practice.