Rapha International is a ministry of making disciples of believers who will go to the world and minister healing of mind, body and spirit. This service provides education, training and counseling done in a close-knit Christian environment.

Rapha works in promoting healthy families to function in harmony and unity.  God desires for the Christian Family to be a light to all who come in contact with any part of the family. From this service, a husband and wife will be able to exhibit a love and respect that will draw admiration from all. The children who are spirit-led will astonish all who witness their stability and wisdom.

Rapha’s heart is to educate young minds in the Word of God.  Our school in the Philippines which opened with a K-1 class was demolished by typhoon Yolanda.  It was maintained and funded by the donations Rapha received. We are again supporting impoverished children who can not financially afford to go to school. The students being supported are from elementary to high school level who desire to pursue collegiate education. They have achieved the top levels of their class. Through the children, we are able to minister to their parents also. 

Rapha's staff is available to hold seminars, crusades and guest appearances.  We see God perform healings and restorations through our group meetings.

Rapha’s counseling program is truly exhilarating. There is a counseling program available for every need. All counseling sessions are held and treated in a confidential manner.  It is delightful to see families united and come into harmony.  We see professional ministers healed of mental frustrations and  return to their churches with a renewed mind.  We present a God  who not only cares, but intervenes in the problems of His creation.

Rapha has an outreach thrust strictly for Professional Ministers:  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.  We grasp that this type of work is lonely and isolated. Our heart is to pour in “oil and wine” into those in need of refreshing.

Rapha has a "Christian Nursing College" program.  This is devoted to educate nurses to minister physical healing and spiritual medicine to the sick and diseased. Healing is presented through Christian doctors and nurses using medical knowledge, medicine, and technology. This is undergirded by applying scripture, prayer and their anointing in blending natural medicine with spiritual healing.  The end result is phenomenal.