Health Ministry - Allergies

Let’s talk about allergies. How do we know we have allergies? We say we are allergic to  pollens,  dust, mites, etc.  What do we mean by allergic?  Well, different people will explain it in different ways. People’s answers vary to mean symptoms of runny noses,  sneezing, irritating nasal discharges, coughing,  stopped up noses,  can’t breathe,  itchy eyes, lachrymation meaning, eyes are tearing,  irritating tears, skin itching, red spots, bumps, hives,  and the list can go on and on. It can even mean hatred of something or someone.  One may say, I’m allergic to that person. The phrase probably meant that they can’t stand the person, they dislike the person, not necessarily having reactions like runny nose, itching, coughing, etc toward the person. Have you met some of these people?

Now let’s take a simple act of slicing onion.  If you remember well, our reaction is usually tearing, runny nose, sneezing,  nostrils and upper lip are  raw and sore from the discharge and we keep wiping off clear nasal discharges until we stop the cutting of the onion.  Do you call that allergic to onion? I doubt it.  We eat onion in spite of our physical reaction to it during the cutting process and we don’t develop any of the descriptions we assigned to allergy, right? Okay, then, what happened? Onion that can cause these problems in a healthy person can also heal these problems in a diseased person. Anybody who has allergy problems that start with severe sneezing, followed by runny nose with bland lachrymation, meaning the tears are not irritating, but nasal discharges are irritating,  non-stop nasal drainage that you might need to put a tissue in your nose to stop it from flowing, noses that get raw from the discharges, generally worse in warm rooms, better open air, Hay fever, worse from pollens, worse on the left side, worse late afternoon, can be helped with Allium Cepa which is a remedy taken from a red onion. That is why the law of cure in homeopathy is called Similia Similibus Curenter. This simply means likes cure likes.